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Rear End Gear Ratio for Mileage

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  • Rear End Gear Ratio for Mileage

    I think I about have all the parts together to convert my '63 Champ pickup to a GM 700R4 automatic overdrive. I hope to be able to post pictures on this media as we progress.

    My question today is what would be the best rear-end gear ratio for the optimum in fuel mileage. Presently I have a twin traction 4.09 rearend on the truck. I won't be hauling anything "super heavy", like a truck load of bricks or lead pipe! So I don't need to worry about that... and of course this conversion would be after I try the truck with the 4.09 and overdrive. I know if I go with too low (numerically) a gear ratio it will be as bad as too high.

    Any suggestions?

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    I would suggest trying it out with the 4.09 and going from there, you
    are going to end up with an impressive pulling grunt. The 700 has a
    3:1 first gear, which will be nice for towing and take off. The OD is
    a .8:1. Once you have it together and calculate your mileage, you can
    figure out what to do then.


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