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Air-conditioning a 1963 R-2 Avanti

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  • Air-conditioning a 1963 R-2 Avanti

    I am in the process of having air-conditioning installed in my 1963 R-2 Avanti per the article by Peter Sant in Avanti Magazine Issue 105. This article alludes to using a different thermostat housing, part # 1550 844 which was available from Expressly Avanti. They evidently are no longer in business. Is this item a Studebaker or some other OEM part or a specially made part for this particular application. Any help in finding a source for this item would be greatly appreciated. Floyd Jaehnert.

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    Contact Jon Myer..he has these.


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      Expressly Avanti and Studebaker International were closely aligned. Try contacting SI.
      Gary L.
      Wappinger, NY

      SDC member since 1968
      Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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        Gentlemen: I thank you for your replys to my posting RE thermostat housing part # 1550 844. John Meyer did not have this part and evidently uses other componants than Peter Sant used in his conversion process. I will contact Studebaker International regarding this part. Do either of you know who owned Expressly Avanti and/or how to contact them in the event Studebaker Int. does not have this part. Floyd