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Avanti Rubber Plugs

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  • Avanti Rubber Plugs

    Under the rear seat of my 63 Avanti are 2 small holes in the floor. There is also a larger one under the front center of the gas tank. If you look at the Studebaker seat belt installation instructions, it mentions to remove the rubber plugs from the rear floor pan in step 2. I've looked in the parts manual and see no mention of the plugs. Does anyone know about them and where I can find replacements to plug them up [?] I would put in rear seat belts but, they don't have matching turquoise belts yet so, I want to plug the holes up.

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    There were special bolts, with low profile heads, in unused seat belt mounting holes. I don't think there is any reason that you couldn't replace them with standard bolts.
    The large hole, where the fuel fitting goes through the floor, stays open; so dirt can get in around the gas tank.
    Mike M.


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      When I can't find a suitable replacement plug, I buy self-adhesive foam pieces (NB must be "closed cell" foam). I cut 2 pieces, slightly larger than the hole and stick 1 over the hole on each side.

      If you cut neatly, the installed piece doesn't stand out.


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        Thanks for the info. Another task on the to do list.


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          I'm not quite sure what Mike is saying above. And I don't have my Avanti right now to double check but if I recall there is a hole about 1 3/4 inches in diameter in the floor just in front of the tank and I believe that this is what the author is referring Is there a plug for this hole and what is (was) its purpose?[?][?] Also the floor of my car has two other holes in the rear which are used to support the bottom of the seat back cushion???? Or am I way off base??[?][?][?][?] I don't recall any other holes in the rear floor for seat belt anchors or other uses.



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            The hole where the output fitting for the fuel tank goes through is bigger than 1 3/4", as I remember. There doesn't appear to have been any attempt to close it off, on my '64. The tank, and this hole, are visible only if you remove the rear seat and panel that walls off the tank area.
            There are two holes on the passenger side of the panel, that are for 1/4 20 well nuts. Screws go into these, to hold the rear seat backrest in place.
            I remember four special bolts, with low profile heads. They keep the threaded seat belt bolt holes clean, if the belts aren't installed. I don't think they also serve as body bolts. Since they are out of sight, you could plug them with anything. The low profile bolts were more useful up front, where they wouldn't make such a big lump under the carpet.
            Mike M.


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              If you remove the back seat & the fiberglass back stop, you'll see the tank and right about center at the bottom is the larger of the holes. Where the bottom of the seat goes, on eack side are 2 smaller holes. From what I read, these were for the rear belts, if equipped. If not, there should be some type of plug, stopper, et., to close up the hole until then. The reason I want to close them up is to prevent any exhaust from the pipe enetering the passenger compartment. Right now, I still have the seats off, waiting for warmer weather to install the carpeting but, when I take it for a drive, I occasinally get a whiff of the exhaust from the pipes.


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                "Where the bottom of the seat goes, on eack side are 2 smaller holes. From what I read, these were for the rear belts, if equipped. If not, there should be some type of plug, stopper, et., to close up the hole until then."
                The two holes where the bottom of the seat goes are just used to hold the seat in place. They are about 1/2". You push "well nuts", expanding rubber plugs with a 1/4 20 metal insert, into them; and use screws to hold the backrest in place.
                There are four metal bolts that hold the seat belts in place. If you don't have belts, the low profile bolts plug the threaded holes in the floor pan.
                If the panel behind the seat isn't caulked, you may smell exhaust; since the hole at the tank outlet is open. Same thing, if the rear speaker cone is blown out.
                Mike M.


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                  Thanks Mike for the info..Once I get the carpeting in, I'll try the bolts..The panel will filter out the tank. I've got the 3m cauld to seal it once I have that in place. I'm hoping to get all of this accomplished, inside & engine work, so I can send it off to get sodablasted & painted for the winter. Thanks again everyone for your help.