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    Yes, your info was quite helpful Dick (Starlightchamp). Thanks so much - the picutre is gradually becoming clearer. Didn't even see those little letters on the flasher can. I understand and can follow the X and L terminals, but don't quite grasp what you are saying about the P terminal. If I'm on the same page, you are saying that there should be two wires in the pilot light housing and each housing has two separate terminals? On each, a wire going from the pilot light to the flasher (P) and another wire going from the pilot light which connects with a wire to the signal switch and a wire to the front-end signal lamp? According to the diagram, the rear-end is wired independently with a line from the headlight switch and a line for each signal lamp from the signal switch. Also coming from the directional switch is a line to the stoplight switch. My greatest confusion is with the pilot lights. I only have one line into each lamp and it sounds, like I've stated above, there should be two. If you could elaborate a little further it would be much appreciated. I know it's difficult to explain in words.

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