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2r5 truck rear axle gearing

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  • 2r5 truck rear axle gearing

    I have a 1950 2r5 with a rear axle ratio of a 4.81 the # on the ring is Saliabury 15345 sr7 53-11z. with a 10 bolt ring gear. im trying to get a little more speed for the Hwy, so i am trying to fined a taller gear ratio for it like a 3.73. dose any one have any info for a replacement ring and pinion . i would realy like to keep the studebaker rear axle if at all posible .

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    I feel your pain, with that 170 cu. in. six engine and such a high (or low, depending on how you look at it) gear ratio. My 55 truck, with a 185 cu. in. six, had a 4.55 ratio, and I really wanted to change it.

    Several Stude truck owners advised me to go no lower than a 4.09 ratio (that's 45/11) if I planned to keep using that Champion six. Anything else would lug the engine, they said.

    If you have a 3 spd w/ overdrive, that 4.09 ratio should be pretty good for you.

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      My first question : Do you HAVE overdrive?[:I]

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