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Windshield Washer Instructions/help needed

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  • Windshield Washer Instructions/help needed

    My Avanti came with the windshield washer system.
    At some point someone removed the bag & bracket. The foot pedal (pump?) nozzle and some tubing (it looks like two lines?) remain.

    I just bought the bag, cap, valve and strainer but need some help hooking it up. Any one know which lines go where?

    BTW: There was a factory kit AC-3336...which may have come with instructions.

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    John, There's a member of SDC that has access to most,if not all, of the template drawings and instructions for installation of Studebaker accessories. I do not know this member's name, but I'm certain that SOMEONE out there does. For a fee, he will copy and mail to you.
    Dan Miller


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      Once you have all the parts the install is not that difficult.
      First look on the fresh air grill beneith the will see an area (flat) ...that is where you must drill a hole for the nozzle to go into. There will be a nut that screws up the nozzle shaft to hold it tight to the air grill. Ok so far? Good...Now take the bag bracket and position on the fender apron..make note where exactly you want to mount it mark the holes with a fine felt pen them drill the holes in the apron. OK...good... Now take the pump assey ( the piece with the bellows that your foot will push down on to pump fluid to the nozzle) and position it under the dash on the carpeted section of the firewall..make it so that your foot can easily reach it..OK...good now take a an awl or other sharp pointed tool and place in the mounting holes..with a hammer make starter holes...then take a small drill and take long wood screws and attact the assey to the carpet and firewall.
      You now will have to drill a hole the size of the tubing so that one end can attach to the pump...(hole in the lower firewall) the other end will attach to the check valve that attaches to the top of the reservoir bag(1552815). will have to drill a hole for the hose that goes from the check valve to the nozzle..go back to the air vent gill..remove it..drill a hole into an area just below the grill on the bottom..(fiberglass area) run the hose from the check valve in under the grill and up to the nozzle head you attched to the vent grill itself.
      Fill the bag with fluid and you are 98 % finished...The only thing I can't tell you at this time (my Avanti is in dead storage) is where the wires hook up to[?] ....give a shout out...I know someone can give the final answer..Good luck!


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        My recollection was that the washer was really simple, no wires. Fluid drained from the bag to the foot pump, which had an inlet and outlet. Inlet went to the bag and outlet went to the sprayer/washers.

        No motors or wiring. Alternately, you can buy a little 12 v windshield washer motor, and put the switch under the dash.

        Paul R


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          The pump does have attaching else will the windshield wiper motor be "triggered" to start unless it is turned on[?] is turned on by the action of the foot fluid and start wipers wiping..only by pushing down on the foot pump will this event transpire. The above is in keeping with an OEM set-up..there are other options if you so choose.


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            Contact Jon Myer for any parts you may need[]


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              I drove Studes when they were new. The basic washer kit in the early 60s larks was basically just a footpump which sprayed the windshield, and then you had to manually turn on the wipers. No electricity.



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                quote:Originally posted by 55s

                I drove Studes when they were new. The basic washer kit in the early 60s larks was basically just a footpump which sprayed the windshield, and then you had to manually turn on the wipers. No electricity.

                The optional accessory windshield wiper kit that is listed as "elect wind" on the build sheet does not indicate power windows, but does indicate a windshield wiper kit that had a floor bulb pump to spray the windshield, but also had an electrical switch that automatically activated the windshield wipers when the pump was depressed. And, yes, this was available on '60s Larks. From someone else that drove Studebakers when they were new. Going back and checking in Lark brochures, they state that either automatic or conventional windshield washers were available. So, the net is that "the basic washer kit" did not have an electrical connection, but the automatic washer kit did have an electrical connection.
                Gary L.
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