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standard transmission 3 spd overdive

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  • standard transmission 3 spd overdive

    I have a 1955 studebaker 1/2 ton truck v-8 with a 3 spd overdrive transmission. I have all of the standard parts on the truck except for the wiring set-up for operation of the overdrive.
    I need to have a picture diagram or information on how to wire up the overdrive. Also, at present, the truck is running on a negative system. If there is a problem with negative operation, will need furthur information on making the overdive work on a negative positive grond system. I am not sure if the truck was wired for positive ground in 1955. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    55 was the last year for 6volt systems on Studebaker cars and trucks. They were Positive ground thru that year.
    56 saw the debut of the 12 volt negative ground system. Is your truck 6 or 12 volts? Many 6 volt vehicles have been changed to 12 volts thru the years.

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      There should be some help here: .

      The BW OD manual is at: .
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        Some owners install a 12v to 6v converter, in order to run items that they have not changed to 12v. I don't know if that 6v OD solenoid will draw too much current for that solution, or if it's okay that the ground is now going to be negative (maybe the body of the solenoid does not ground, I don't know). Hopefully, Gordon will check in on this topic, too. He's great with electrical questions.

        Another good source for you is the Studebaker Truck Talk forum. It's a cryptic url, but you can find the link on the SDC "Other Forums" page:

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