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1961 tag on dash

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  • 1961 tag on dash

    Where does the # come from ?Is it part of the body # or serial # ? [?]

    1961 HAWK..BLACK.. 4bc,4-speed,TT

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    The tag doesn't mean much. Sort of a 'promo' item. The dealer had to fill out an order for the tag,put the buyers name on it,and 'Stude sent out the tag.-Nothing to do with the individual car that it was attached to.[cool item to have though,wish I had one on my Hawk!!]



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      As 52Hawk stated...
      It was a promo item that one could get (a couple of different ways).
      A dealer could order one and add it to a car on the lot, to personalize it.
      Or it could be ordered with a new car.
      The number assigned was the number that the request came in to Stude.
      My late father ordered his '61 from Stude and it came with the plaque (but I don't know if it was stuck on at South Bend, or at the dealership).
      There was also a very nice letter from a VP at Studebaker thanking my father for ordering the car.
      Having the letter to go with the dash plaque would be a real bonus.

      quote:Originally posted by chevpartsman

      Where does the # come from ?Is it part of the body # or serial # ? [?]

      1961 HAWK..BLACK.. 4bc,4-speed,TT
      HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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        As a young man I worked at a Studebaker dealer, one of my jobs was to prep the new cars. We sold two 61 Hawks one blue and one flamingo. The dealer gave me the name tag to put on the blue one, it was in a small white envelope. He said center it up on the glove box. I did not put the name tag on very straight, there was no second chance...Every time that car came in for service I had to look at that off center name tag. The tags were in the glove box when the car came too install if the owner wanted...