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Hydraulic Lifters

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  • Hydraulic Lifters

    I checked the "search"' feature looking for previous discussion of the feasibilty of using (new) brand ??? hydraulic lifters and out-of-the-box ??? pushrods on a reground Studebaker V8 camshaft (intended for solids), but no luck. How about this--can it be done successfully? Thanks for your input.

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    Lional Stone has them 818-990-8916


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      lionel does have them......but how I do love the sound of soild lifters...mmmm......[8D]

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        Dave T-Bow also has them, in fact I think he is the one that came up with them and Lionel buys them from Dave.

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          Why would you want them??? I gave away a set awhile back.[:I]

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