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'46 Studebaker Pickup

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  • '46 Studebaker Pickup

    A friend has a '46 M pickup, and wants to put it on a more
    contemporary frame...any suggestions?

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    I know the S-10 frame works on the 49 and up trucks, not sure about the M series.

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      Yep, don't do it. Talk to Heidt's or Total Cost Involved and they can set him up with an independent suspension kit (uses Mustang II style front end). Unless he's talking a huge power increase, the original frame should work great.

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        He's thinking he could have modern brakes.....etc, would like to make it
        a daily driver for a commute....


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          I have been told that the S-10 frame will work. with that said, I agree with Swifster. The original frame is tough. I have a Fatman's Mustang II conversion under my 1947 M, a 10-bolt GM rear axle, and a MasterPower power brake setup under the floor. When I bought it, it had a Olds V8 installed by an idiot in it. I repaired the damage and replaced that with a Studebaker 259 V8 rebuilt with recommendations from Ted Harbit. The truck is peppy, handles well, stops well, and runs down the freeway with no problems.

          As far as I know, Fatman is the only company that makes a kit specifically for the M truck, but I'm sure Heidt's or Total Cost Involved kits can be adapted, and both are quality.

          Hope this helps


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            his next question was going to be whether or not a V8 will work with
            the original frame, and it sounds as if that won't be a problem
            ....about what is the cost of the conversion to the Mustang II?...this
            sounds like the best way to update the undercarriage in a way the makes
            the truck an option for his 50 mile a day commute....