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Avanti Radiator Resevoir

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  • Avanti Radiator Resevoir

    Took the Avanti out of mothballs & noticed the small tank above the engine has sprung a leak. I know theres a kit to move it to the side of the fender but, I'd like to keep it as original as possible. How muck of a pain is it to remove ? And, once removed, who/how can I get it repaired ?

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    This expansion tank is one of the most changed out items on the Avanti. It is not that bad to remove. I had mine repaired at a local radiator shop for about $20. Mine is rusty on the flange where it bolts to the water pump manifold....hence mine tended to also leak at this joint (where the thermostat is accessed). I like the tank for originality but a lot of them seem to have been replaced. I don't like the looks of the replacement set up so I'm going to try and keep my tank.

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