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  • Headers

    i want to put headers and dual exhaust on my 64 daytona it has a 289 with a power shift my father had the engine rebuilt ten years ago and it was bored over and has a what seems to be a strip or radical street cam in it i am having air and exhaust flow problems as in in initial acceration it boggs from idle then picks up alot would dual exhaust and headers if i can find them help with this or am i just going in the wrong direction also the car has had problems with carbs we went from stock to a new 650 cfm carter afb comp and that didnt help in the fuel department and now we have new 750 cfm holley double pumper that has help alot but it still has that initial hesitationim thinking bigger air filter and dual exhaust may fix it but i would like to have the race car sound and look of headers but i havent even herd of any one the produces them for a stude engine

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    IMHO. a 750 cfm is too large for a 289 ci engine. I do not see where headers will help you, other than the engine may look better while it runs bad <G>. In basics, it sounds like your timing is not set correctly for your cam or the timing is not advancing properly.
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

    SDC member since 1968
    Studebaker enthusiast much longer


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      Gary's correct.
      The 750 is way too big for all but the most highly modified 289 engine. 11 to 1 compression, .500" lift cam, lotsa rear gear....basically a race only setup. It's been proven again and again by the best.

      A properly working and tuned 500CFM carburetor will work MUCH all conditions.

      Also in Garys note....if you have a hesitation...look into the timing and the carb. If the distributer needs internal work...that's not helping either.

      Don't "[u]mask</u>" the problem with stuff that doesn't make a correct combination.

      As far as headers - I'll disagree on that one. But you need to fix your problems "first".
      Yes a properly designed set of headers will enhance performance. But there are none to be bought over the counter. Other than the R4 cast iron'll have to buy the parts and build yourself a set. your homework and look into the why's and how's of header design before you start cutting.


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        quote:Originally posted by 64Daytona

        i want to put headers and dual exhaust on my 64 daytona it has a 289 ..... 750 cfm holley double pumper that has help alot
        WOW! That doesnt make sense. I remember years ago working on a GF's
        69 Camaro with a 327 and a Holley DPer, it had a BIG cam, and a single
        plane manifold, had similar hestitation (and starting problems) and
        after switching to a 650 AFB, the problems went away. I would guess
        your old AFB had a problem, and your Holley solved that and caused a
        second similar problem. Yes on dual exhaust at least a 2 inch.

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          quote:Originally posted by 64Daytona

          now we have new 750 cfm holley double pumper that has help alot but it still has that initial hesitationim
          A 289 at 6000 rpm @ 83% volumetric efficiency (fairly std for a street motor) requires 500 CFM...

          Any carb over this will most likely result in less power and certainly less driveablity.

          Dick Steinkamp
          Bellingham, WA


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            I sent my AFB to Holly for a total restoration...they told me it was 525 cfm. A great place to send your AFBs[^]