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Golden Hawk Carb question

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  • Golden Hawk Carb question

    I was just wondering if anyone knew why Studebaker used a 2bbl carb on the GH. 4 bbls were optional on other models, and the later R2's used 4bbl? Just curious.

    Dan White
    64 R1 GT
    64 R2 GT

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    I've wondered that myself. Hopefully someone will respond with the answer and put our minds at ease.[^][^]

    wagone and R2 Avanti


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      Maybe because they needed to install the carb in a pressure box and still have room for the supercharger and partial flow oil filter. Besides, they had a hell of a problem with getting enough fuel to the 2 barrel under boost. The extra air flow from a larger carb is not as big a deal with forced induction too.

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