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Hawk Gt

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  • Hawk Gt

    After purchasing two hawks last summer I have started to piece the better of the two back together, it is an R1 with a twin track rear. I have changed out all fluids and am in the process of trying to drain and flush the rear end but my question is how do I remove the gunk in the case? All I have read says not to use kerosene ...but how does one really clean that mess up?
    Also how hard is it to install a new wiring harness now that I removed the interior?

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    Go to your nearest discount auto parts and purchase a case of brake cleaner in the aerosol cans. Use this to flush the rear end.

    Russ Shop Foreman "Rusty Nut Garage"
    57 SH (project)
    60 Lark VIII 2dr sd (driver)

    Russ Shop Foreman \"Rusty Nut Garage\"
    53 2R6 289 5SpdOD (driver)
    57 SH (project)
    60 Lark VIII 2dr sd (driver)