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50-52 automatic column shift , 50 body parts

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  • 50-52 automatic column shift , 50 body parts

    Does anyone have a 50 - 52 automatic column shift assembly? I have a 49 Commander convertible I want to modernize to later engine and automatic transmission to make it a daily driver but still keeping original appearance. I had one located, paid the guy $30 to pull it off so I could pick it up later. Then when I tried to get it he said the county made him clean up his property and it all got sent to the crusher. But he didn't offer my money back. You meet people like that sometimes. So I am still looking. Maybe one of you hot rodders out there has one that you put to the side when you put in the GM tilt wheel. Or will a later column shift fit? Doesn't have to be 100% original but I want to keep as close to a period look as I can with the original 1949 steering wheel. What will fit and look original?
    Also looking for the bullet nose sheet metal from a 1950 Commander or Land Cruiser. Hood and fenders. I have seen a few parts cars on ebay but always off in California, Washington, Idaho, would cost too much to ship. I am active military, trying to build my dream car on a budget if that is possible. Can anybody help me out? Does anyone have anything nearby to Georgia, Tennessee area?

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    Hello Mark, I know of 2 or 3 possiblities in Southwest Missouri, that's still a pretty long way from your location. If you want to give them a try, email me off-forum and I will give you their phone numbers. If you are not a member of SDC, you really need to join, the monthly mag alone, is worth the fees, TW will give you access to the SDC vendors as well as the individual sellers, plus much more.

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      I have a colum that is pretty complete, less gear box, Where are you located? and are you going to York?

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