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  • Supercharging

    Is there a nos or aftermarket blower available besides a donor from a 57 golden hawk?, if not what is needed and where can this be purchased? Is the "jetstream" the same a paxton? Also, are there any disadvantages or known problems in doing this that may arise? Just thought I would ask the pros first. thanks
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    You can buy all the reproduction parts you need to convert to the 57-58 or 63-64 style. Budget $1500 or so for good used, maybe $2500 or so new. You'll need to lower the engine about a 1/2 to 1 inch to clear the hood on a Silver Hawk though.
    I've done several, so I know all the parts and work needed.

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      Check with Paradise Wheels for rebuilt and new blowers. They bought the Paxton parts and stock when Paxton switched to a gear driven type blower several years ago. They will help you put together the whole system, at least that is what the told me when I called them a few years ago about a GH blower setup I was thinking about rebuilding. Others may have more information, pro or con about their reputation.

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