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Seat Installation - 57 Hawk

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  • Seat Installation - 57 Hawk

    Hello all, new member here... my father was a SDC member with a 57 silver hawk, he passed away a year ago and now I am ready to pick up where he has left off on the car. The whole interior was removed to install a new master cyl and floor pans and I cant quite put together the slider/seat frame/hardware/bracket puzzle. Does anyone know where I can find exploded views of these components? I do have the stude 57 pass car shop manual but it does not show the location of everything...
    Any help would be appreciated!

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    The body and chassis parts books have loads of drawings of all the parts in their correct locations..

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      where can i locate these books? thanks for the help

      57 Silver Hawk


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        You can get them from Studebaker International, if your father was a SDC member, you may be able to locate one or some of the Turning Wheels magazines, if so SI among other advertise in the mag. By the way welcome to the forum. There is a multitude of Studebaker knowledge on this forum, don't hesitate asking.

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