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How difficult is replacing a headliner?

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  • How difficult is replacing a headliner?

    While I've got my seats, door panels, etc. out, it sure would be a good time to replace my headliner. However, how difficult a task is this? If I start messing with the old window rubber, am I going to cause more problems than it's worth?

    Looks like Studebaker International might be the only ones to offer them ($120).

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    I sell them too, e-mail me for price as per forum rules. You need to remove the back glass and replace the rubber, not a easy job.

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      This is where I bought my new one. Rene is very helpful and the quality is top notch! If I were you, I would buy a new window gasket and have the upholstery shop install the liner and fiddle with the glass, they do it for a living and most of the time it is pretty cheap.
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