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Clutch noise

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  • Clutch noise

    I am building a 63 R1 Avanti, with a tremed TKO 500 trans, alum flywheel, and centerforce DF clutch. When I press the clutch all the way to the floor it makes a ratteling sound to the speed of the engine. I thought it was the deflection of the pressure plate on the nubs on the bellhousing. I disassebmeled and ground even more away and did not see anything wrong with the clutch and bearing upon inspection. It still makes the exact same sound. Any chance I am over extending the clutch fingers? It does have a slightly modified lark clutch pedal setup. Anybody ever have this problem.


    Dan Giblin
    Dan Giblin
    Cincinnati, OH

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    Well Dan, given you've got a custom installation using Lark linkage in an Avanti, I think it's gonna be hard for us to say: "It's this."
    You say you ground some more off the bumps inside. Did you SEE any wear marks (scratches) on the clutch itself - I mean, you said "did not see anything wrong with the clutch and bearing upon inspection".

    It DOES sound like maybe you've got TOO much throw with the setup and you're overdoing the actuation. Does the clutch release fully, well before you go all the way with your foot? Maybe the quick fix would be to incorporate some sorta stop to prevent going that far.

    I hope someone can give a more definite answer. There's better minds here than mine when it comes to modified arrangments. BTW, good to hear from you again.

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    the BerStuda Triangle

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    1958 Provincial wagon
    1953 Commander coupe

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      Oddly enough I have the same issue with my car, but haven't properly troubleshot it yet. i'm using all factory Stude passenger car parts with the correct Hawk clutch pivot, linkage, etc. The only thing i'm not sure of is the pressure plate; I originally clearanced the bellhousing for a diaphragm clutch but I could not make it work, I *think* the one I used was either a factory R-series pressure plate or one for a Chevy 409 (i.e. "whatever JP had on the shelf.") I also have a Fidanza aluminum flywheel, if that makes any difference (I don't think it should.)

      The noise is very faint and does not appear to be anything crucial.


      55 Commander Starlight
      55 Commander Starlight


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        I had the same problem with my clutch. I called the tech department at Centerforce, and they said that the Studebaker throwout bearing diameter is to large. My clutch disconnects before it makes noise, so I just readjusted the linkage. Also I noticed that mine only makes noise at low RPM. I think that the centrifugal weights on the pressure plate hit at low RPM, but are extended at high RPM.
        By the way what size pressure plate are you running?


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          Maybe the plate is just touching enough to rattle a little on the input shaft. It's really the only thing that's loose at that point. Does it go into gear easily? Is the input shaft going into the pilot bushing all the way? Or is the bushing worn allowing a little vibration of the input shaft causing the free spinning clutch disc to rattle around?



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            I bleieve 1956 hawk is right. i have this same problem in 2 of my studebakers in the frist on was a lark with a 259 3spd. i put all new internalls and got this noise so i pulled it apart. saw nothing and went back together, still had noise repeat. i noticed the make on the aftermarket throwout bearing looked different and they where, installed the old throwout bearing no noise. on my hawk i didnt have an old throw out bearing ordered antother new from a different supplier , it was exactly like the other new one installed it made noise and back adjustment off until it didnt make noise. it has full realease but a little more free travel than i like.

            Erin Hays
            1961 Hawk
            1962 Lark
            1963 Wagonaire


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              I made a new bronze pilot bushing with a 3/8 flange sticking out to make up for the 3/8 adapter plate I use to make my 5 speed fit. I also sleeved the t/o bearing to fit the tremec. I took pretty good measurements and everything should fit. I guess I wont really know if the clutch is going down too far until I get sone wheels on the car and set it down. Maybe if it chatters when staring off it will tell me more. I had the centerforce clutch in my lark with no problems but it did not have the 5 speed adapter. It didn't make any noise.

              Dan Giblin
              Cincinnati, OH