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53 commander fuel guage

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  • 53 commander fuel guage

    when the tank is full the guage will read full after driving and the fuel level drops the guage reads empty my first guess would be the sending unit any thoughts.

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    I'm struggling with a fuel gage/sending unit issue myself. The Service manual for my 53 Commander lists what to do to check the gage and the sending unit. If it has been converted to a 12v system from a 6v system that only complicates the problem. I am buying a Stewart Warner sending unit to hook up and test the gage. I still may have a voltage/Watt issue. I'm not much help but share you misery. Without an accurate fuel gage and my speedo not working I have to resort to counting telephone poles I pass to tell me when to re-fuel

    Mike DeLapp
    Barrington, IL
    53 Commander Hardtop


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      I had the same problem with my 51 . I pulled the sending unit out and found that the pick up was warout so I soldered a new end on from a copper wire. It has been 4 years and it is working great.