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  • Alternators

    Will an alternator make the bearings go bad in a 2R Champion engine? Or would it be fine to put one on. Thanks for the help Steve.

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    Which "bearings"? They've been known to have an adverse effect on muffler bearings, but I've personally never seen such.[)]

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      Just keep them lubed with relitive bearing grease. (Navy Joke)

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        I heard it would wear out the engine bearings because the belt has to be tighter.


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          quote:Originally posted by TheBusDriver

          I heard it would wear out the engine bearings because the belt has to be tighter.
          The bearings in the alternator are much much smaller than engine main bearings. An overly tight belt might prematurely wear out alternator bearings, but the engine won't even know the alternator is there.


          BTW, I think belt tension is about the same between a generator and an alternator. Also, an overly tight belt will wear out your water pump prematurely.
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            Muffler bearings, now MR. Briggs you are a hoot. To the topic, I think H2O bearings can be stressed by a too tight belt. Can a too loose belt vibrarte and wear out the alt bearings?


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              Too loose a belt will be thrown off easier the last thing you need is a a stoplight drag to turn that belt inside out and have to drive home with the lights going dim and the engine overheating. Myself I prefer them tight.[]


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                What x--actly is a muffler bearing? I've heard them spoken of frequently. Do they ever appear on e-bay? If so, should I bid to win because they might be a scarce item? I've yet to see one. Are they available through local parts suppliers and where is it located? This may be a dumb question, but if my car is equipped with duals, would I be needing two? Possibly they might be associated with the x-haust. Am I right on that? jimmijim
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