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More 6 Volt Battery and Charging Questions

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  • More 6 Volt Battery and Charging Questions

    Now that I have installed my rebuilt 6 volt positive ground generator (and polarized it prior to starting), installed a new voltage regulator as well, and charged my battery all seems well with the Speedster charging system. But I have two more questions. First, I know that one must polarize the generator each time the generator leads have been disconnected from the system, but must it also be polarized if only the battery terminals are disconnected. I always remove the cables from the battery terminals when charging the battery. Second, typically when charging a discharged battery with my charger, the charging amps start high and slowly drop to zero, indicating that the battery has taken a full charge. When I charged this last 6 volt battery that came with the car when I bought it (with Jan '04 date on it), I put it on the 6 volt charger on the 6 amp setting and it started out high and only came down to about 3 amps over a two day period. Does this indicate that the battery can no longer take a full charge? When I placed it back into the car, the starter turned strongly and the car showed a minor positive charge on the ammeter at idle and at higher rpm, which seems normal to me. Any opinions about whether I should replace the battery and if so, any recommendations on who makes a durable high cold cranking amp battery? Anyone make a gel in 6 volt? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Mike with Speedster

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    No, you don't have to repolarize after disconnecting the battery.

    If your battery's performing right when you ask it to, I don't see a need to replace it. As to a H/D or Gel 6volt, find a good store that only deals with batteries. They ought to give you an educated answer. Of course, just about everything's on the web these days. Google it!
    Tractor supply houses will have 6volts and probably H/D ones. Just a thought.

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      Thanks Again Mr. Biggs!

      Mike with Speedster