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Mike Aldana Chrome Plating?

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  • Mike Aldana Chrome Plating?

    Has anyone had any experience with Mike Aldana Chrome Plating in Calexico, Cal.

    His ad says "Hobbyist pricing to help the little guy--reasonable prices--satisfaction guaranteed.

    I need a bumper re-chromed, and maybe a grill too if the price is right... and getting some stainless polished wouldn't hurt either! Has anybody here used his shop?

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    A couple of years ago or more I sent Mike an M series hood ornament that had a broken front piece and the radio grill from a '40 Plymouth. He assured me that they could fix the ornament and that the grill was fine for plating. His fees were reasonable but when I got the pieces back the welding on the hood ornament had refused the plating and a small area on the grill wouldn't take the nickel plating and looked black.
    On the flip side of the coin a friend here in Redding sent him a huge grill out of an older Packard and got back a beautiful job at half of the price he had been quoted by other platers. I think it boils down to is "you buys your ticket and takes your chance".


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      Bumpers should cost $225 - 250 including over riders. The pot metal parts are the ones that are going to cost and give you trouble. I've got a guy in L.A. here that will do bumpers that come out show chrome, but on the last 6 pot metal pieces 2 of them he should have come back to me to repair before he plated them for they are now paper weights.


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        A fella here local is doing a 55 Stude. Sent all the chrome and stainless to a shop in Bakersfield. The results are underwhelming[xx(] This for a car that will otherwise be flawless.[V]

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