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Another stupid question

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  • Another stupid question

    I'm in the process of tearing down a 259, 59 model Hawk engine.
    I already know the damper needs new rubber, and I want to change to a
    T-5 in a car that is automatic.
    My question is; does the flywheel change over require a reballance of
    the whole crank assembly, and does the flywheel need to be degreed to the crankshaft?? Can it be installed wrong balance wise?
    Is the damper on a 259 the same as a 289??
    Mine is different than the 60 model 289, and will they interchange?
    Haven't got there yet, but am asking so I can look like a idiot now not later.[8]
    My block is a tomato red, is this correct? Or just a primer?
    1 Stude, 1 almost Stude

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    The flywheel will only go on one way - the six bolts have one spaced slightly off so it will only mount one way. Same with the damper. Be sure to change the flywheel mounting bolts from the short ones for an automatic to the long ones for a stick when you do it. Might I suggest you have someone turn about 20 pounds off the back of the flywheel before you put it on? All the dampers I have seen on 232, 259, and 289 will interchange, but I've never worked on a R series engine, they might be different. The main difference I've seen has been in the number of pulleys and the length of the crank bolt to hold them on.


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      Thanks Whacker;
      My 289 damper has all the marks on the edge, ign,and the others.
      The 259 only has a line scribed on the face, nothing on the edge.
      Does this sound right? The disc with the timing mark can be installed
      at least 180 off, I've had this apart to check the rubbers.
      Do they make urethane units for these?
      This is my first 259
      Anybody have a 289 crank that they will part with?


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        Another question for those of you that have been elbow deep in these motors. I've been told that the 60-63 six cyl. flywheel will bolt up
        to a 259-289 crank, with a weight savings of around 20-25 lbs.
        If this is true it will open up a good sorce of harder to find parts.
        Thanks again


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          The 259 damper should have the same markings as the 289 piece. They're the same part.
          I HAVE seen those dampers installed wrong. It takes some doin' to get the holes off from their one proper fitment, but the rubber parts CAN be forced into position if you're determined.[xx(]
          Of course, this makes your timing marks screwy, but I've seen it done![}]

          BTW, no standard production engines were red.

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