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    Awhile back I posted a message regarding trouble I was having getting my friend's 232 running right. I rebuilt the engine, clutch, brakes, etc. last year. He then took it home, and farmed it out to body, paint, upholstery shops. It then sat. for over 6months, then it ran crappy. He drained out the old gas, and it ran better, but still had a terrible irregular miss. After going thru the carb., making sure the fuel pump was OK,adjusted the valves(which were OK) I started on the electrical.By this time it would not start, but just try enough to kick out the starter drive. WHAT THE *&^*^*&%$ IS WRONG!!!! I had a good spark at the coil and plug wires, but acted like a weak spark. I even cleaned and gapped the plugs, replaced the cap and rotor to be sure, removed the dist. and cleaned, checked all wires, etc. STILL NOTHING %^#$@##%%$%!!!
    Finally I enlisted a wise old Stude machinist friend who had me pull a plug, and watch the spark there. It tried to spark, but at the porcelin, above the electrode (which was nice and clean!)There appeared to be a black glaze(not heavy carbon) on all plugs,so we replaced the plugs with used ones with a longer electrode reach(relative to length of threads), and VIOLA!!!!!!!
    Of course it runs beautiful now, after all that; lots of power, etc.
    I installed the wrong plugs, to be sure, and they must have coated with residue of last year's gas, and weren't hot enough to stay clean. It pays to cross check the plug applications at the parts counter, [u]and check the simple things first</u>! Having been working on Studes since about 1975 (High skool)I've never had plugs behave this way, until now....

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    They used to call that "Fuel Fouled" and it is surprising how fast it happens with the wrong heat range plugs in an otherwise good engine. I have had several sets of new plugs ruined fast by a stuck choke on my 63 Avanti until I learned the lesson. Stude8