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1952 2R-6 transmission question

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  • 1952 2R-6 transmission question

    I have a 1952 2R-6 with overdrive that I need some help with. I am going through the transmission and have some questions. I know the engine has been replaced with a later model engine as the serial number starts with 4E and appears to be from a 1959. The transmission however has a serial number of M121-2 which should put it in the 1952 time frame. The shop manual supplement 2 says that this should be an AS4-T90B. The actual case has T86E-A1 cast into it. Is this the correct transmission for this truck? The transmission pops out of second when the truck is coasting. I have been told this is usually due to a second gear that is worn and that this gear should be replaced. Is there any truth to this? The blocking rings are very beat up and chipped. The small snap ring on the pinion was broken in half and laying in the bottom of the front flange. The litte flange on the sun gear cover in the overdrive also showed signs of contact wear. I am planning to rebuild this transmission and any help is appreciated.

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    Bill, I think you have the original transmission in there. T86 and T90 are very similar, but T90 usually has a top-shift cover, and no provision for side lever covers. CJ2A Jeep for instance. I think for Stude trucks with OD and column shift, they simply put the T90 guts in a T86 case.

    I'd recommend you replace second gear and the 2-3 sliding sleeve that mates with it. Also by all means replace all the bearings; worn bearing can cause axial play that leads to premature wear on the blocking rings. Replace any other worn parts you see, too.

    I can't help you with parts sources other than to say they all should be available. Start with the vendors links on this site, then maybe try eBay (I've seen some tranny gears there just recently.), and also try Jeep vendors, since T90s were used for years in all Jeeps since (not during) WWII. Bearings can be had from your local bearing supply house.

    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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      SI should have all those parts.

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        Thanks for the advice. I have gotten all new bearings, a small parts kit and a new cluster gear shaft from a Jeep shop in Utah. They were very helpful. They also sent me a new second gear however it was the wrong one. Mine has 22 teeth and the one they sent had 23 teeth and was a little bigger. I will contact SI about the 2nd gear.

        Thank again