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61 Light Switch Wiring

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  • 61 Light Switch Wiring

    Have started the alternator conversion so thanks for the tips on that thread. While under the 61 Lark regal dash I noticed a blow fuse on the rear portion of the headlite switch. I have head lites and turn signals but no dash lights so I thought this would be the villian. A replacement fuse blew again and closer examination showed the adjustable rehostat on the front on the light switch was the problem area for the dash bulbs not burning.

    But I can't determine where the two wires that are spliced together at the back of the switch and attach to the blown fuse are going or what equipment they send voltage to. I have B+ coming into the fuse connector. It should leave out via the fuse on the splice line which has one wire black and the other wire white. Where are these two wires going?

    The other electrical issue is the dome light on the driver side. The door has no activation switch. Hole is plugged with sheet metal cap. How is that light turned on? Thanks.

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    I believe that that fuse is for the directionals, although it's been a while since I've messed with one of those...

    The dome light should have a switch on the light itself to turn it on. This will ground the one pin of the socket to the body of the light (same as opening a door)


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