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195 75R15 Tires

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  • 195 75R15 Tires

    I just received my answer from Cooper regarding this popular (for Studebakers) size. Unfortunately, the answer is as follows:

    Dear Mr. Revell,

    Thank you for you email concerning the P195/75R15 tires which was forwarded to me by Ms. Brown. This size has been out of production for over a year and unfortunately the molds have been scrapped and they no longer can be produced - at any volume. The P205/70R15 is approximately the same diameter as the P195/75R15, but requires a 6.0" wide rim as a minimum. The P195/75R15 required a 5.5" wide rim as a minimum and according to my data, Studebakers came from the factory with 4.5" rims.

    Today the tire industry is being inundated with the demand for new sizes that are being continually introduced into the marketplace. This size proliferation has forced all tire manufacturers to rationalize their product offerings to minimize complexity while maintaining acceptable size coverage. Older, low and declining volume sizes like the P195/75R15 are usually among the first to fall by the wayside to make room for the new and growing sizes. This is what happened years ago to the 6.00-15, 6.40-15, 6.50-15, 6.70-15, 7.10-15, 7.35-15 and 7.75-15 that were originally used on the Studebakers you mentioned and the alpha-numeric 15" sizes that replaced them.

    As you probably are aware, companies such as Coker Tire specialize in tires for vintage vehicles. They are not inexpensive, but they are available.

    Thanks again and best wishes for the New Year.

    John Pecoraro
    Product Marketing

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    Wow, a very thoughful and helpful reply to your question. I might have to run up the street and buy the 195's they have marked down by about 75% that are on the clearance floor. They are blackwalls, but might be worth stashing away.

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      Absolutely, John; buy 'em all! The technology still exists to make them whitewalls if someone wants them.

      Like others, I certainly appreciate the thoughtful answer from Cooper, as sad as it is. [xx(] Anyone who has 195s on Stude 4 1/2" wheels will testify as to their appropriateness.

      Yesterday, before I saw this post, I had given orders to the tire dealer who found me my last set of 195/15s several years ago, to see if he could locate any...and if so, let me know how many were available and how much they'd take for the whole lot!

      A buddy of mine who has mid-60s big Chryslers that need P225/75R14s (not 15s) did just that with my same tire dealer many years ago...and I wound up helping him load 51 (yes, fifty-one! [:0]) tires that cleaned out a pipeline! [^]

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        I am surprised there's not more of a demand for these tires, ISTR helping a friend's mom pick out a set for a family type minivan (Ford Windstar maybe?) not 10 years ago.

        Of course, if *I* had to keep a Windstar for 10 years, I'd probably get a job I could ride the train to...


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          If you are in Minnesota my mechanic has 8 good 6-ply 195 75R15 tires that he is willing to part with for a reasonable price. I have some on my 1966 Cruiser and they're fine.

          These are blackwall tires; sorry I don't know the brand.

          If anyone is interested send me a note and I'll see what I can do.
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            I bought a set of 15/p195 tires through Wal mart today
            there black side walls , they say no more white side walls.theses are douglas
            tires (never heard of them tll today)
            a-z has the same but are a cummings tire.


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              I worked for Firestone tire and rubber back in the early 60's. They were just a mile or so away from my house then. They made tires for Sears too, the silent guardsman series and the inspectors for Sears wouldn't buy some of the stuff because of quality, they were picker than the Firestone men.


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                I have a set of P205/75R15 tires on my '62. They came from the local tire dealership. The brandname is 'Kingstar'. I understand that they are a subsidiary of Coker. The price was right too. I don't know if there is a Les Schwab near you, just tell them that you need the same tire as for an early Chrysler minivan. I know it is'nt the same size, still they work quite well. Visually they look the same.

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