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power steering gear box

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  • power steering gear box

    Thanks for the collective help re trunk not closing. Problem solved.
    It's the '57 Golden Hawk from hell again. This time there is a problem with the power steering gear box. The high pressure connection is stripped in the gear box. A NOS gear box housing, part 534647, valve, hydralic control and fitting is available but I'm reluctant to take the box apart. Hemmings has a couple of Saginaw overhaul advertisers listed but none is close to me in Deltaville, VA. Any recommendations or suggestions would be appreciated.
    Ken, owner, Golden Hawk from hell.

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    If its the big saginaw PS box that I think you are talking about? I have one of those in my '53. Its been a few years since I had it rebuilt by Lares Mfg (probably one of those vendors you found) and I may be wrong since I haven't looked at it in a while. It seems to me that the fittings on the box thread out of the main housing. If the threads are stripped on that, maybe you can replace it (the fitting) and not have to mess around with taking the whole box apart. There is a flare fitting pipe with a ring that is on the hose. Those could be stripped too. I found out those flare fittings are not AN but are a SAE std. The flare angle is different between them. I had new hoses made locally for mine and the hose people could not find those fitting ends new and cut off the ends from the old hose and reused them to make the new hoses. If you have the shop manual (at least the '54 suppliment section) it has a exploded drawing of the box. Mine is not readily accessable or I would check it to see if those fittings can be removed.


    '53 Champion Hardtop

    Jeff in ND