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52 Champ - Ross Steering Box needs rebuild???

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  • 52 Champ - Ross Steering Box needs rebuild???

    I have a 52 Champion with a Ross Steering gear box. There is a lot of play in the box [:0] and I want to know if there is anywhere to get the steering box rebuilt. (All of the other steering components have been replaced)

    I saw an earlier posting that mentioned removing two pins and turning them 90 degrees as a fix for the worn gear box, however when looking at the Stude shop manual and parts book I am unable to identify the pins.


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    Is there some thing wrong with ncsdc?


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      Probably only that their website hosting company isn't paying attention. They're likely on a shared server that's hung up and needs a restart.

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          This link works...


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            Is it possible to access the pins/make the repair without having to remove the steering box from the car?

            It looks to me like it might be possible with a little "modification" (cutting) to the inner fender. Then once the pitman arm is removed the side cover can be removed which will allow removal of the cam lever shaft and access to the pins.

            Anyone ever try it this way?

            quote:Originally posted by


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              I don't know how far gone your steering box is, but before you get physical with it, you might want to try some Red Line CV-2 grease in the box first. My '51 steering reservoir leaked, the steering was getting a bit loose and hanging up slightly on return-to-center. I filled the reservoir with CV-2 and it's been fine since. This grease stays in a semi-fluid state won't leak as readily as gear lube, yet flows around the gearing when warm.

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                Anyone tried opening up the steering box while it's still in the car?