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  • Rust question

    Stella's got a rust spot the size of a half dollar on the underside of her painted nose ring. What's a quick and simple way to smooth it out (so it won't scratch up the chrome ring underneath) as well as protect it until the year comes when I can afford to paint her?

    Also, I picked up a good Commander script and was wondering what would be the best paint to touch up the inside of the lettering?


    1951 Commander Starlight Coupe (aka "Stella")

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    I can't quite picture what you're describing, but sanding and POR-15 would stop the rust cold in its tracks. Just be sure to recoat with some sort of primer after the POR-15--it doesn't like sunlight[8D]

    Mark Anderson
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      Stella's painted nose ring comes off pretty easy. If you've noticed, there's a slot in the ring at the "6 o'clock" position. IF you can gain easy access to the backside of the bullet nose (maybe by removing the air deflector panel that the hood latch mounts to), there's one screw and nut that draw the ends of that painted collar together where that slot is. loosen that nut enough and the ring comes off where you can work it without worrying about damaging the chrome part that it's got ahold of.

      OH! and as to touching up that script, get some spray paint that's close (I think it's just white) and spray some in a disposable cup (not styrofoam!). Then use an artists type brush to paint in the colored area. Don't worry too much about keeping it perfect. After it's dried awhile, take a piece of clean rag and hold it taught over your index finger. Now get it damp with some lacquer thinner and lightly go across the raised edges of the script. This cleans up the edges to where only the flat, inner area's still painted. If you goof, just try the process over again. It might take a bit of practice but you'll get the hang of it eventually. I do it when painting scripts or something like the "S" in the middle of later hub caps!

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