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52 V8 How much oil?

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  • 52 V8 How much oil?

    I changed my oil.
    Put in 6 qts.
    I have a Fram oil filter.
    Dip stick says 6 qts. capacity.
    Oil level is only half way between "add & full"
    Does my filter increase the capacity?
    If so, Studes must have come w/o a filter from the factory?

    If I top it off I'll have at least 6 & 1/2 maybe closer to 7.

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    I want to say that I remember hearing that some early V-8s did have an honest 6 quart pan.

    An oil filter was optional so that would definitely add to your capacity. If it is the cartridge type it will definitely hold a decent amount of oil in it even after allowing it to drain back completely; at least 3/4 of the volume of the canister will be full at all times. So it sounds like you don't have a problem, you just need some more oil.

    good luck,


    55 Commander Starlight
    62 Daytona hardtop
    55 Commander Starlight


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      Thanks for the reply

      I must have a six quart dip stick says "6 qts" on it.

      My 52 Commander is no. 9606.
      Has 35K original miles.
      No oil leaks.
      18 mpg in mixed city (overdrive)
      Perfect original interior.
      I love this car! It's a time machine.

      Thanks again


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        My 1955 with a 1963 block and flow through filter reads over full on the dip stick with 6 Qt' oil changes. Like 3/4 qt over full. Facts: the oil pan looks like it has been dented on the bottom, pushed up. Also could this be an inproper dip stick? Any coments?


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          Sorry, I'm not familiar with your late model engine.
          It sounds like the dent in the pan could be causing the higher oil level