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65 Commander 283 Headers

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  • 65 Commander 283 Headers

    Does anyone know if there are headers that will fit the 283 in a '65 Commander. I know Chevy small block headers will fit the engine. My concern is clearing the steering mechanism on the drivers side of the engine.

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    I picked up some Patroit tight tuck headers from Summit racing for my 62. I will be finding out real soon as I will be dropping the Chevy engine in next week. They look like they will make it, but I'll let you know for sure when I find out..


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      Check out in their street rod products section. They list "Small Block Chevy Stainless Steel Super Tight Fit Headers" that don't look any bigger than stock manifolds. Might be worth a look. I also remember seeing somewhere rams-horn manifolds that have been ported and extrude honed that flow quite well. I think the 283 equipped Larks had ramshorn manifolds.


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        The 283 in there now has the rams horns manifolds. On the drivers side they go straight down into the crossover tube. I'm building a 383 stroker at about 400hp to put in it and I'm thinking I really need headers with dual exhaust. By the way I'm going to need a twin traction for the Dana 44 rear end, know where I can get one?

        There is a hump in the trans cross member for the dual exhaust but the steering arm and power assist stuff is right there. I don't know if I can just use hugger short headers and go down and under the steering stuff or possibly use truck type headers that exit near the rear of the engine and go over the steering stuff and down.

        Was hoping someone has already learned the hard way and would enlighten me.