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Lionel Stone Aluminum V8 Heads

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  • Lionel Stone Aluminum V8 Heads

    I would imagine that these heads have been discussed in depth. I know very little about them, Can anyone elaborate on them? Has anyone race prepped them? Valves used ? Flow capacitys W/dry bench. Tom.

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    Tom; The heads Lional makes are 2.002" X 1.625" you will have to wait a little while before I get my set. When I talked to Lional the other day before he went back for the grand opening on the 28 he told me that he was finishing up his 25th pair and they were sold but he was getting another batch cast. So we both have to wait. Specs. at 11.


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      Alan, Man thats pushing it for valves. My heads are 1.87 inlet and 160 exhausts, and they are tight. I was going to offset the inlet guides a bit to be able to get 1.95 or 2.0 inches but didnt want to carve too much out of bowl area, sonic testing of bowl areas prevented this move. guess Lionel has taken care of all this. Cylinder bore size would certainly have to be R-3 and generous valve reliefs cut into top of walls. Iam guessing that Airflow results have been established. If they were to flow as good as or close to GMs iron turbo heads then we can expect some very hot Studebakers in the near future. Thanks Tom.


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        Tom; you can check the valve spacing on your heads, but the ones I have, 1555479 are 1.907" center to center.


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          Alan, I have the same cylinder heads. Tom.