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still pulling left

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  • still pulling left

    I'm really irritated at this situation. After two different shops lined up my Avanti, I'm still having to hold on to the right side of the steering wheel to keep it straight. It starts going left from almost zero miles an hour to every speed thereafter. I've reshimmed the calipers, replaced the front bearings and races, checked freespin of the rear wheels and even checked to see if the car was riding unlevel. I can find no reason for this car to do this.
    It also doesn't handle well. The rear end feels like it's shifting left to right when when I go to full throttle to full release at highway speeds. I don't see anything under the car in the front or the back that seems loose or worn. I don't know how the rear would be twisting with the anti sway and stabilizers that are attached to it and they all look new.
    I had somebody ride behind me the other day to see if the car was running straight and it looked to them it was fine. As a matter of fact, their car was running sideways and it barely pulled.
    Has anyone had a problem like this? I've swapped the tires around where each of them have been on all four corners and nothing. HELP!!!

    63 R2 Avanti

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    String it and do a 4 wheel alignment, if you don't like string get a couple of lazer levels and make your own brackets.


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      Wander and pull is a complaint sometimes heard from owners of power steering equipped cars, more often Avantis than other models for some reason. You need to find someone who is well versed in the linkage type power steering. It's quite likely the control valve needs an overhaul, or at least the two adjustments set. Check the shop manual for spool valve and ball stud adjustments. If they are off, or the springs inside are broken/weak, the car will never steer well.

      Dwain G.


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        Thanks for the input. I'll look for those adjustments

        63 R2 Avanti


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          The rear axle may be part of your problem, not necessarily but possibly.
          To diagnose, you need independant alignment read-out for each rear wheel. Example, RHS 1.0mm toe-in, LHS 1.0 toe-out.
          Such an axle would not be square to the centre line of the vehicle, the rear wheels would be trying to turn left permanently. 1mm doesn't sound much, but it becomes 1 metre sideways for every km travelled.
          You correct by turning the steering wheel slightly and pay for it with increased tyre wear.
          In this example, you'd need to shift the rear axle on the leaf springs (I'm assuming there was no wear in the bushes).