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Gas cap trivia for Lark types

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  • Gas cap trivia for Lark types

    I'm going to replace the gas cap on my infamous '66 Cruiser and got to thinking about some of the things I've seen. In some pictures of 1964 and newer stock Cruisers I've seen, the gas caps are sometimes all chrome with a handle (bar) across the face, and sometimes they are painted to match the color of the car, except the handle seems to still be chrome. Then there is the locking type, which I believe was always chrome. I had one on my 1964 Daytona that I think was stock, but the crusty one I have on the Cruiser is definitely not original.

    So I'm wondering, were the non locking ones usually all chrome or were they often painted? Are there ANY sources for locking caps that look stock and don't have some silly red ring in the middle?

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    Scott, I think the "Chrome" (really, it's stainless steel) cap was standard on the higher trim level cars whereas the painted ones were the standard issue.

    Those Stude issue locking caps DO show up on ebay from time to time. If you bought one of those aftermarket ones by Stant, you probably could paint it to match your car.

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      The parts catalogs show AC-3195 as the locking cap for W, F, J, L and Y models from '62-'66, while AC-3415 was used on P models (Wagonaires). Since I now own two Wagonaires, I'm intrigued by the differences. I think the chromed bar is different between the two versions. I think one has rounded ends and one has square ends, but I'm not sure which is which. Anyone got a picture of one of these? Any other differences?

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        I have a solid staonless steel one on my Daytona I took from a parts 63 Cruiser. [8D] My old one was red with the chrome handle in the middle.

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