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6 cyl Valve Seals, 63 170 OH Full Flow

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  • 6 cyl Valve Seals, 63 170 OH Full Flow

    I have a 59 Lark with a 63 full flow 170 CI Stude 6. This car blows oil smoke like our local barbeque resturant on vacume and when you depress the accelerator wo/ a load (in nuetral). Seems to me that this is valve stem seals. I just got a new overhall gasket set that has 12 very small black rubber, flat washers, (+- 3/8th OD smaller ID) that I believe are the seals. Anybody have any experience with this problem, and/or the correct seals? There is no refference to the seals as far as pics or diagrams in my factory stude shop manual. Any aftermarket seals that work on this engine? The engine was was rebuilt 10K ago, and has good compression on all 6. However, it sat for years, and when I brought it home from Canada, it got pretty warm a couple of times, all of which would and could lead to stem seal failure.

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    It sounds like when they rebuilt it they did not replace the valve guides, remove the head, Remove old and install new guides and machine for teflon seals.


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      I've got a great 170 for sale cheap!! Was rebuilt years ago..runs great.. It's in South Bend In..$450 including 3 speed trans..