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700R4 Carb linkage and TV cable Attachmant

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  • 700R4 Carb linkage and TV cable Attachmant

    The subject of the 700 R4 and it's "problem" with it's very low 1st
    gear causing it to SLAM into second gear has come up frequently so I
    though I would post the solution. An adapter from TCI part #376710
    corrects the placement of the TV cable to an Edelbrock carb. It
    provides the proper geometry ( and you thought you would never use it
    when you were in high school ) and cable pull for both the 700R4 and
    the 200R4.

    I spent many hours trying to get it right on my own and came very
    close. This adapter instantly gave me a perfect shift. The 700 does
    not slam into gear when this cable is set up properly. The application
    on an Avanti is a little tricky because of manifold clearance and some
    grinding is involved. If you have an Edelbrock on an Avanti you've
    probably trimmed the linkage and the piece that's trimmed is a locating
    point for the adapter. I would be happy to send a tracing of intact
    linkage so you can place the adapter in the right position.

    Here is a link to pictures

    R2 R5388