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What number car?

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  • What number car?

    Hi Guys, I have a simple question. My Speedster is one of 2215 made in 1955, Which one. Is there a simple way to determine what # it is of the 2215 total?

    Thanks to all

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    The body number will give you a rough idea.

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      The body number on the body plate on the engine side of the cowl will give you a pretty close idea of what number your car is. The sure way, and only exact way that I can think of, is to go through all of the 1955 production records (up to your car) and count the number of Speedsters. You can also pay the SNM to do this, but it would add up to a lot of hours and dollars unless your car is a real early build.
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        My first thought was "there has to be a registry of these things by now" but a quick Google does not appear to show one. I would have thought that someone would have listed at least all the ones still known to exist by now.


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