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quirky fuel gauge

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  • quirky fuel gauge

    The fuel gauge in my '57 Hawk never goes past 3/4 when the tank is full and never lower than 1/4 when when the tank is near empty. I replaced the gauge with a NOS one and got the same results. I removed and inspected the float assembly and it looked OK. I placed it in a bucket of water and it seemed to function properly. Any suggestions?

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    When you say it functioned properly, did you hook it to the guage and check the reading while moving the float or just that it goes up and down in the water? My guess is your float is shot. If it is the original one it is even more of a sure bet. Get a new one and see what happens. It could be the wiring but typically that just offsets the reading.

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      You can actualy "calibrate" the gage and the sender to a degree. I did this ON THE BENCH with the sender and gage in my '58 Provincial. And I even had the TANK on the bench so that I was certain that the float was on the bottom or at the top when I established full and empty (I would flip the tank rightside up or upside down with the sender installed).
      Man, I was SO proud of myself when I got the gage to consistantly go from full to empty with accuracy.
      I even established a ground wire from one of the five sender mounting screws to the car's frame when I put the tank back up!
      Hah! It's so screwed up in it's readings that I just gave up for now. I even tried temporary wiring a new wire from the sender, directly to the gage.[V] Still reads wrong!
      Once I get some of the cosmetic work finished, I'll give it another go.

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        The float was not hooked up to the gauge when it was in the bucket of water. But since both gauges read exactly the same it is unlikely that they are both off. The float is the old cork type. A new sending unit is about $130.00 for my car! Can just the float be replaced?


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          Auto Meter makes a universal sending unit, 240-33 ohm. adjustable from 5-24 inches deep. $32 bucks from Jegs racing. I'm hoping to get one for my Lark..