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289 rebuild

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  • 289 rebuild

    well biggs i hope you are reading this, cause i have finally found some time for that 289 you gave me. and as you can imagine i have some questions. and isn't this the best place for it? well due to some corrosion i had to have two of the pistons sleeved. i had the block and heads hot tanked, new cam bearings, valve seats, and a crack on each head repaired. this is ard to believe but the crank was shot. it would take more then a 30 cut to clean up the mains, especially towards the middle mains. i am wondering if this is a lack of oil pressure, if so i am going to need some advise in setting up a remote oil filter due to it being a partial flow block.
    i have ordered a r2+ cam, lifters, push rods, aluminum cam gear, better then r2 springs, and am waiting on pistons until i find out wether flat tops with a 80 over bore would be too much compression. i am in contact with phil harris and gave him the casting numbers off the heads, he is going to get back to me on the ratio. so any advise you can give me would be great. oh yeh, looking for another 289 crank if you are intrested.

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    I too, am surprized at the crank's worth. If it WAS a result of oil pressure loss, I sure wouldn't go back without closely checking the internal wear in the oil pump and seeing if maybe you'll need a new one or at least, new gears in it. And make SURE the oil pressure regulator (at the front right side of the engine) is able to move freely in it's bore[}]
    I'll give you another turn-worthy crankshaft - just don't toss that one. It CAN be saved in a pinch by rebuilding and re-turning the journals. 289 cranks aren't getting any more numerous, so we need to save those we can.
    I don't know that you can FIND .080 pistons in either cupped or flat-top style at this time.[:I] You'd better check before you set your sights on them.
    The partial flow filter's not anything mysterious to set up. Just be sure to employ a restricted fitting wherever you tap the oil system to FEED the filter. That restricted fitting serves to prevent valuable oil pressure from being dumped thru the filtration system.[xx(]
    As you and I talked about - you don't HAVE to locate the filter ON the engine itself. Since you have the facilities to make your own braided oil lines, you can mount that filter anyplace you want and fit the lines accordingly. Studebaker actualy did this sort of installation on some fleet service trucks - probably with an eye towards easier servicing.

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