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multiple carburetors

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  • multiple carburetors

    Any one messed around with multiple carburetors or a supercharger on a 259 v-8 ?

    I have a 259 Lark VII 3speed manual with a TT rear. I would like to get some more performance out of the car as well as make it unique>

    Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    grant sanders

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    I've got a Cad, 4/71 (Roots) blower manifold ready to modify if my own brand of head modifications don't work as hoped.

    The Stude's small cylinder bores doesn't lend itself to some of the modifications of the big three. E.G., later-better heads, better intake manifolds that flow like the better heads.

    Ya gotta be kind of carefull when doing some of this stuff.

    Have fun.


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      Lark VIII, I am working on a 61 Lark with the 259. Thinking of going twin T0-3 turbo power on it once I get other problems solved. Send me a pm and I will help you out.

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      Start and Stage Your Studebakers