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steel fenders 1960 Lark VIII

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  • steel fenders 1960 Lark VIII

    Any body have a line on where I can get a right front fender for my 1960 Lark VIII.

    grant sanders

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    I have a right front assembly for 1961 but the panel behind the headlight is for dual headlights and the molding holes are above, rather than on,the beltline.
    $300 in central Pa.
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      I have a couple good fenders they are to big to ship I am in southern AZ. If you are any place close I would sell one for 50.00 If interested my email is

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        While I've never tried to ship a fender via Greyhound, I've shipped some pretty big and heavy items with them. And the price is right reasonable too![:0]
        Of course, you have to be willing to go to your local bus depot to pick the stuff up. They don't deliver to your doorstep![B)]
        I"ve found that wrapping up a greazy item with that continuous plastic wrap like commercial shippers use, is an easy way to prep it to go by bus. Just make sure any fluids are drained completely![}]

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          SASCO puts them up on ebay on in awhile. They get pricey though for NOS.

          quote:Originally posted by Lark VIII

          Any body have a line on where I can get a right front fender for my 1960 Lark VIII.

          grant sanders
          Paul Leske
          '59 Lark VI