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Correct spark plugs for 232 V8

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  • Correct spark plugs for 232 V8

    I know the shop manual says that Champion H10 was the original part number for the a '53 stude V8 but they have changed the number around so many times that I can't seem to find the correct information. Does anyone know for sure what the correct Champion number is, or any other brand number for that matter? thanks, Nick.

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    Champion has made the H10 obsolete, but you can still buy an H10C or RH10C. However, the recommended plug is RH18Y. It's a little hotter plug and has a projected tip. Stays pretty clean with out fouling. The RH10C is a colder plug recommended for supercharged engines that might be expected to see higher combustion chamber temperatures.
    Parts stores like to have the 'stock' number instead of the plug number. For RH18Y that is 857. For RH10C the stock number is 854.

    Dwain G.