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NEED: valve body DG-250 55-56 6cyl, 55 8-cyl

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  • NEED: valve body DG-250 55-56 6cyl, 55 8-cyl

    My '54 Borg Warner, DG-200 normally started in 2nd gear unless I pull the lever to "L" or floored it; recently it starts in LOW, plus I lost 2nd gear. I was advised that I must remove the valve body, clean and make sure there are no sticking valves.

    I am interested in purchasing a VALVE BODY for a 55 DG-250 (V8 Stude) or 55-56 DG-250 6-cyl Stude; I understand all of these are first-gear-start types.

    IF YOU HAVE ONE FOR SALE, I'd certainly appreciate it.

    Please contact me at :

    John G. Williams
    901 753 1130

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    Check with the major vendors such as SASCO, Studebaker International, Steven Allen, etc. They show listings for complete valve bodies for the DG-250 trannys on their website or in thier catalog. The part number is shown as 537796 for 1955 W/DG 200 & DG 250 in Studebaker International's catalog. You may want to check with them for applicabity to your specific requirments. Here are their websites.

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