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need avanti radiator

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  • need avanti radiator

    I need a radiator for a 63 Avanti, mine is destroyed. Is there a radiator that would crossover to the avanti?

    63 R2 Avanti

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    I had mine recored 10 years ago, 3 row. It's been fine, car runs proper temp and fitment wasn't an issue.

    R2 R5388


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      Thanks, I was thinking about using an aluminum one but really don't want the hassle of making it fit. Also thanks alan for your advice on the pulleys.

      63 R2 Avanti


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        I'm having a new radiator built with the old tank and hardware by Hermans Radiator service, at 32304 St. Rd. 44, Eustis, Fl. 32736 The new core is running $220, with fins closer together. With the rebuilt engine I will use distilled water from day one and never have a cooling problem. For all the men out there, this radiator is being built by a woman. Yes, that is correct and she knows more about cooling a car, than I ever guessed. Call Alice Flootman at 352-357-2981 for radiator and gas tank repairs.

        I had a custom built aluminum radiator for my last project and what a piece of junk, [u]Cooled by Ice </u>used fittings you can't find anywhere. You should find a radiator re-builder in any large city.

        Keep it cool![8D]