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Help!! 1962 lark master cyl. what can I use?

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  • Help!! 1962 lark master cyl. what can I use?

    Hi guys, I am in the middle of changing out all my brake lines and installing Turner brakes all around. What I need in a hurry is a good cross reference on a dual master cyl. I tried a Chrysler Newport from the mid 70's to no avail. Has anyone done this, and if so what should I use? Also, am I going to need a proportioning valve? Thanks!! Wes

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    Check out the recent thread on "Brake Job". Lots of good information there.

    Mark Anderson
    1965 Cruiser


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      I think Turner's recommendation is American Motors or Jeep. The master cylinder in my 63 (dual cylinder) was no longer listed and the AM cylinder fit perfect but it's been so long I don't have a reference. More help out there?[B)]
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        Do you have power brakes? If no, a '63-66 dual master will bolt on although you will either have to add a spacer to the firewall or else shorten the pushrod. I did this on my '62 and chose to have a spacer made in the thought that it would also tend to reinforce that area of the firewall (as the later MC only mounts on two bolts, and the firewalls have been known to fatigue) The later cars had a little reinforcement plate there, so this isn't completely "wrong."


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          Nate, how thick was the spacer? Thanks!!


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            I just went to the local auto parts store and the ol' boys gave me a new master cylinder that matched the specs of my old one. Sometimes people aren't willing to research it for you though. Also if your changing brake lines I hope you went with stainless and are going to use the Dot 5 brake fluid? It is much better than the Dot 3. Dot 3 is messy and will ruin the paint. Dot 5 doesn't hurt it at all.


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              When I finished my complete new brake system on my 60 Hawk this spring,I seriously thought about going the silicon (DOT 5) route.
              It always amazes me to see how much crap builds up in these old brake systems,so I was determined to get away from DOT-3.
              But after reading all the back posts on the subject I decided to stick with the DOT-3.
              To many issues like trying to get the system bled,spongey pedal,and leaks,and brake light switch problems.
              Im happy,but when I pull wheel cylinders again(hopefully a very long time from now),they'll probaly be just as cruddy.


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                I went with regular lines and am going to stick with the Dot-3. I recieved a complete set of lines for real cheap. I know stainless is the new popular way, but the lines I took off really were not too shabby considering their age. I am not going to take the car out in winter or any thing so the life of the lines will probably be longer than mine. Also all new everything so the fluid should look good for a good long time. Actually again, age considered, the system did not seem to be overloaded with dirty gunk. Sure, there was a little, but not an abnormal amount.