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'49 champion weight?

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  • '49 champion weight?

    Hi. Does anyone out there know what the weight of a '49 Champion is? It's a two door, and not a bullet nose. Thanks!

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    I can quote from the 1949 license and registration data sheet, except I don't know for certain which body you have and what options are on it. Let's say it is a Regal coupe with some pretty common extras. Shipping weight for that body style is 2725 lbs. Approximate ready-for-the-road weight is another 135 lbs for all models. Add 40 lbs for the Climatizer, 40 lbs for Overdrive, and 20 lbs for a radio.

    Dwain G.


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      Hey, thanks Dwain. I'm building this to be a gasser style street/strip car and wanted to get it under 3000 pounds. Looks like that won't be a problem at all.