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Alternator mount...

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  • Alternator mount...

    You helped me with the last one so here goes another. I am mounting an alternator on my flathead 6 and Bill Cathcart says a '62-'64 overhead 6 cylinder aletnator mount will bolt right on the flathead too. Does anyone out there have one or know where I can get one. Thanks for your help. Dave in Spokane

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    I might actually have one. I have parted out a couple of OHV six cars in the past, and I have a couple boxes of parts. I due to go home today or tomorrow, and I'll have a look. Send me an e-mail in a day or so to jog my memory.

    And, I am planning a trip to Spokane as soon as I can get a few days free. I have a Suburban body to fetch from near there. So, if I do have the bracket, I could deliver it.

    If I can't find a bracket, you could check with John Lasseter. I think he's from Vancouver, WA, and he makes alternator brackets for V8s. He was at the National meet last month.

    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands
    Gord Richmond, within Weasel range of the Alberta Badlands


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      Sadly, a '64 Commander (6) was in the "Pull N Save" wrecking yard in Spokane a few months ago, but is now gone. (I got the alternator, but didn't take the bracket.) Their usual practice is to put unusual cars in a front row where they can be bought whole before being put out in the main yard. They're usually on "viewing" for a few weeks unless they're sold first. Had it been a V8 car, I'd likely have bought the whole thing and taken it home. (I'd also be looking for a new home, as my marriage would have been over.) Fortunately, the car was in terrible shape and didn't have enough that I needed on it. In the couple of weeks that it was in the main lot, the only parts taken were those that I took. I frequent this yard and would gladly let others know when I see a Studebaker there (extremely infrequent), since I now know there are Spokane and vicinity readers of this forum that might benefit.

      Good luck.

      MarkC - Holding out for a late V8 lark type with PS.

      MarkC, 64 Y8
      Working in Spokane, WA