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Lark heater fan

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  • Lark heater fan

    I have a 1961 Lark VI tha the heater motor dosent work. How is the best way to remove it for repair. Also the defroster ducts are bad where can you buy these.

    Thanks Tony

    61 Lark
    61 Lark Cruser VIII

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    to remove the blower motor, you need to loosen the heater control valve and remove all the little screws that hold the two halves of the heater box together, then remove the lower half of the heater box from the car. Then you can remove the motor. (it's a PITA job.)

    For the defroster hoses, NAPA can order them from you, or I believe SI has them in their catalog.

    good luck,


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      A 61's heater system is a bit different than those of earlier Larks or later ones. I don't THINK the valve has to be removed, but I can't say for sure.
      The blower wheel (fan) is encased in a housing held together with about 6 or 7 screws. If you can access those screws, right where the motor's mounted, undo them and drop the motor down. Then there's an Allen head set screw that holds the blower wheel to the motor shaft. You can get to it by using a longer allen wrench and reaching in between a couple of the blower's vanes. Once you get that wheel off (and it's sometimes a REAL struggle to get that wheel off a rusty motor shaft!), then you'll have the motor free for inspection. Let me warn you tho, it takes some nible fingers and a bit of ingenuity to reassemble those motors tho. Might be wise just to get an able replacement. NAPA can match it up for you , to a motor in one of their books OR a Stude parts vendor might well have one.
      I bought one thru NAPA awhile back and it was about $22 bucks or so.

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        Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try next weekend.


        61 Lark
        61 Lark Cruser VIII